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  • Steur 1

    At Home with Over 170 Million News Stories: My Assistantship with the Cline Center over Covid-19

    PhD student, James Steur, talks about his experiences during Covid-19.

  • SAOA logo

    SAOA: The South Asian Open Archives

    The South Asian Open Archive (SAOA) is an initiative that makes open access materials on South Asia available for teaching and research.

  • Kim Sheahan Sanford

    Spurlock Museum Big History Project

    Hi. I’m Kim Sheahan Sanford, the Spurlock Museum’s assistant director of education, and I have a confession to make. Sixth graders are my favorite students on earth. They are willing to suspend disbelief as I tell them a myth or a folktale, but they also latch onto adult concepts, like reincarnation and the development of complex writing systems.

  • FLAS Alumni Career Panel Poster

    Career Opportunities in Foreign Language and Area Studies

    On October 26, 2021, Center for Global Studies (CGS) held a virtual “FLAS Alumni Career Panel,” that focused on the strategies for using foreign language and area studies skills on the job market for current and recent graduate students.  This blog post discusses this event and explores the key role that foreign language and area studies education can play in career succes.  

  • Nathan Sonnenschein

    Global Studies, Librarianship, and the Job Market

    Nathan Sonnenschein, a former graduate assistant at the Center for Global Studies, discusses how his experiences at CGS prepared him for the job market.

  • Web Archiving and the Global Response to COVID-19

    One doesn’t need to look far to see how much the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world, halting the mobility of people and goods that we took for granted as critical components of the global economy. This crisis has put a strain on nearly every system of our global society, impacting every sector of civil society. To attempt to preserve some of the initial reactions and concerns brought about the health emergency, the Center for Global Studies and the International and Area Studies Library began archiving websites of civil society organizations around the world as they respond to this crisis.

  • A map showing that institutions at 14 US states have been impacted by the ISRL.

    The Impact of the 2021 International Studies Research Lab

    Through the International Studies Research Lab (ISRL), the Center for Global Studies and collaborating centers leverage the campus’ expertise and vast library resources to support the development of international and area studies programming in community colleges across the country, providing access to important US Department of Education Title VI resources to institutions and regions without direct access to these important grant funds.

  • “Global Education Symposium,” October 14-17, 2020

    Proving stronger than an epidemic, the University of Illinois College of Education and Office of International Programs presented the “Global Education Symposium” on October 14-17, 2020.  Educators and students from around the world shared knowledge and personal thoughts, albeit, through the travel agent known as Zoom. 

  • Flyer for event

    CGS Hosted Dr. Eve Darian-Smith for Recent Talk, “World on Fire: Anti-Democracy and Anti- Environmentalism”

    The Center for Global Studies hosted Professor Eve Darian-Smith (Professor and Chair, Global and International Studies at the University of California, Irvine) as part of the MillerComm 2024 Lecture Series sponsored by the Center for Advanced Study on March 4th, 2023. This blog post summarizes the talk and provides further information on learning more about the topics discussed.

  • April 2021 iSEE Congress “The Future of Water”

    This year’s Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment at University of Illinois (iSEE) Congress was co-organized with the Center for Global Studies, in partnership with the Illinois Global Institute and the Joint Area Centers Symposium (JACS), four of which are funded through U.S. Department of Education Title VI grants.  The series of Zoom events brought together a diverse group of researchers, educators, journalists and activists to address global water crises under the rubric of “The Future of Water”, and to introduce the Illinois campus and community to cutting-edge thinking from highly influential scholars on topics ranging from drought to the global politics of water to pollution, public health, and biodiversity. 

  • EDU2.0 classroom

    Education 2.0 in Egypt: Research & Documentation Project

    Recent years have witnessed significant educational reforms in Egypt through the Education 2.0 initiative (often abbreviated EDU 2.0) that looks to expand skills-based learning and digital learning methods. University of Illinois Professor of Education Linda Herrera has worked with Dr. Tarek Shawki, Minister of Education and Technical Education (2017-2022) to not just chronicle the monumental educational reform, but also create an archive of primary source materials about this transformation that intends to benefit students, instructors, researchers, and stakeholders in the education sector.