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December Is Pandemic Holidays Month

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  • December About Us

    About Us is a multi-media project intended to provide inspiration and encouragement to our UIUC colleagues as we lean in through these difficult times.

    Click here for the About Us video.

  • Week 1: Navigating the Emotional Turf of Fall Family Gatherings

    “…Squabbles are erupting as family members have different perceptions of how to stay safe—and not expose others to the virus.  Varying approaches are resulting in ‘a lot of tension within families and a lot of judgement.’” - Vaile Wright

    Read more about navigating family gatherings during the pandemic by clicking here.

  • Week 2: Coping with Uncertainty During COVID-19

    “In an uncertain or ambiguous context, people will have different interpretations of new information about the virus, its impact, and how to manage key issues. That’s to be expected” - Michael McNulty, PhD., LCSW

    Learn more about how to cope with uncertainty during COVID by clicking here

  • Week 3: Managing Family Conflict

    “Family conflict is normal; it’s the repair that matters”. – Diana Divecha

    Click here to dive more deeply into navigating tension at home during the pandemic. 

  • Week 4: Managing Expectations This Holiday Season

    "Expectations need to line up with reality—not with wishes about how we’d like it to be." - Dr. Moe Gelbart, PhD

    Learn about how you should manage your expectations this holiday season by clicking here.

  • Week 5: Ways to Cope if You Can’t See Family and Friends This Holiday Season

    The first year of this new decade has been full of anxiety, stress, frustration, confusion, fear, and disappointments.

    Learn 8 ways to cope through the holiday season by clicking here.