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  • Designing Resilient Transportation Networks with GIS - free webinar November 16

    Designing Resilient Transportation Networks with GIS Webinar co-hosted by ESRI

    There has been a “staggering rise” in the number of extreme weather events over the past 20 years, driven largely by rising global temperatures and other climatic changes. This has had a significant impact on our transportation systems, and transportation and environmental planners are facing ever-greater pressures to design more resilient infrastructure. Building resiliency into current transportation projects requires a solid understanding of future climatic change. Whether it's from sea level rise or from increases in precipitation, storm intensity, or temperature extremes, GIS can help you understand and plan for these changes in the environment. With GIS, you can design more resilient transportation systems for the future.

  • Free Registration to Sustainable Forestry Initiative's E-Summit (register by 10/16)