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Comments Mar 5, 2014 11:35 am

1) B (because writing rules and telling students the rules are not the same thing)

2) D (he may have been unaware of Fowler's advice)

3) D (None of the choices fit really fit the bill).

4) C (Probably C as the state of Texas is desperately depraved)

5) A

6) A

7) A

8) D

I am a verb as this enables me to do or make things or just be a thing or have a quality.

Reply to at 11:35 am Mar 11, 2014 11:03 am

1)  A - though I suspect D, as the professor could be suffering from OCD.

2)  D - ignorance is strength.  Consistent with Orewellian philosophy.    Oh my, three big words!

3)  A - I like the contradiction here.   (Oops, another big word).

4)  A - Texans have a preferance for theories ; prefering not to let the facts get in the way of an insight, or is it incite?    :-)  I guess a smilie face could be considered puncuation abuse.  I apologize for the offense.

5)  A -  As a government employee I can attest to the flagrant violation and disregard of this mandate.  However, it would be inhumane to levy a penalty as most administrators/communicators believe they are indeed communicating in plain English.  Furthermore, the term "plain" is very subjective.

6)  D - Leave it to Hamlet to smell something rotten in Denmark.  Clever, observant fella.  Opps, there (their, they're) I go again with a big word.

7)  B - We all need a day off from the "slings and arrows" generated by our pens. 

8)  E.  Though diagramming a sentence evokes nostalgic images of elementary school and,  I believe, would make an excellent parlor game.


Extra credit:  In keeping with Orwell and Fowler's proclivity toward brevity, my essay on what part of language am I, is:

I am the creator and voice of language.*

*Not to be confused with "I am the creator" from StraTrek.








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