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  • Spanish Pledge of Allegiance? Oy vey, can you see it's deja vu all over again?

Comments Sep 19, 2008 3:42 pm

Thank you SO much for your perspective and historical insight on this subject. I am a Spanish teacher in the state of Kansas. On National Anthem day, I innocently offered to collaborate with the rest of the school by having one grade level recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish. At the time, I was completely ignorant of the ongoing debate and controversy surrounding this issue. But I quickly found out when my principal approached me to find out what my motive was, and told me a parent had made a complaint. After I got passed the culture did I end up here in the Midwest again?...I had to come face to face with reality...this is a sign of the times! Your article just helped confirm that the mentality and reality I live by isn't capable of grasping the "pro-English" mind set...AT ALL! I don't hear anyone complaining about the Hispanic men and women on the front lines risking and laying down their lives to protect our country, speaking to each other in Spanish or any other language, for that matter.

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