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  • Banning bitch and ho: If words are outlawed, only outlaws will have words

Comments Aug 11, 2007 2:19 am

you placed in this article was something we sold at the campus bookstore. It's the cover to a series of spiral bound cards that can stand up on a desk or shelf. All the cards have that psuedo-1950s magazine ad style to them and are captioned with humorous feminist slogans like the cover. Things like "I childproofed my home but they keep getting back in," and "Marriage? No thanks, I can't breed in captivity." There is a second set of cards titled That's Queen Bitch to You! They're kind of funny and harmless enough I suppose; something you might see in a dorm or on a desk in a casual office. What really makes them interesting to me is the fact that they are both written by men: Ed Polish and Darren Wotz.

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