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  • The boy who spoke . . . Young muggle awakes from brain surgery with new accent

Comments Sep 19, 2007 1:42 pm

I'm posting this response for Dorene Ames at Western Washington Univ. -- db

Prior to going on to university, I had the privilege of working at Seattle's trauma hospital, Harborview/UW.  During that time, a John Doe rolled in who had been in a bike vs. car incident. He remained in an induced coma for about six weeks. When all the brain swelling subsided, the doctors woke him up to find that he was a French speaker from the Provence area. He had no recollection of who he was so the doctors asked the French professor from the UW to come have a conversation with the young man. The professor recognized him immediately--not as another Frenchman--but as one of his previous students who had performed poorly in his class! With his English language literally knocked out of his brain, he immediately accessed the French language spoke with a dialect by his professor.
I had a long conversation with Peter after his recovery at a bike race. He was still wearing "halo" and gaining back his English. He commented that English was a dificult language to relearn.
Anyway thought I'd share--

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I actually have this condition, a result of a car accident, and though It took about a year to regain my American accent, it was a hard slog. I have an Irish accent and whether it is typical or no, I think in this accent still. I have to translate what I think into an American accent. I had a very proper upbringing, and often imitated my granny, which sounded very British to my schoolmates. My granny sent me to Ireland to make up for my grandpas absence growing up. He passed when I was 5. I had just returned from Ireland when my accident occurred. I think that my mind was just grasping for any means of communication. I was never aware that this was an actual medical occurrence until a few months ago! It is nice to see I am not alone! Thank you Mr. Baron!  ~joanie  DRUM Paranormal Investigations 

Seattle WA

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