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  • Sorry, Dr. House. Study correlates neat handwriting with academic success

Comments Feb 4, 2009 12:48 pm


Your post reminded me og the "Back to the Basics" a social theory, which hinted the reversal of the advancements as even in this age of automation and technology people still don't have time.

As the Newsweek report has reffered to a study that for learning, the writing must be an integral part of the formal education. I don't deny the fact that the writing is one of the most important source of learning as it involves three things; the reading, the memorizing of the words/sentences and the writing itself. Hence the students who learn by writing are capable of learning the their writings for a longer time as compared to the the students who just learn orally.

You talked about the schools but I want to ask is that how can we cope with this issue when even the trend is going towards the online learning. I mean in this age of technology advancement, scholars have been indicating in the increased penetration of distance learning techniques and environments which would mould the future of getting education.

The writing can be taught in schools physically but what about those students who are living in remote areas and are getting their education through online schools?

I think that this is not going to stop and the future would be like attending virtual classes, studying in front of the screen of Laptop/Palmtop, listening to the teachers in the earphones, and attempting online papers while sitting in the lawn of your house.

I don't know whether it would be good or bad but it is what everyone call 'technological advancement' or 'development'.

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