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Comments Mar 4, 2011 9:00 am

You humorously observed:National Grammar Day ... a time for rejoicing, when everybody goes out and tells someone else what's wrong with their speech or writing. Wear good sneakers, and be prepared to run away really, really fast.Let me add an example of what you get by bringing someone's grammar foibles to his/her attention: NGD,Alan

Reply to at 9:00 am Mar 4, 2011 1:32 pm

1. NGD has too few celebrators for us to be picky. Come one, come all!2. No. Chase it away before it follows you home.3. NGD is much too civilized for drunk dialing piffle.4. We light a match. Then we may or may not light wicks.5. True grammarians are never off the clock.6. Your therapists number.7. Whats with you and your drunk dialing obsession?8. If you add an ellipsis you are good to go. Ellipses cure everything that ails you.9. Yes, you can. But only if you ask properly for permission to do so (May I end National Grammar Day with a preposition?).10. Yes. After you gather evidence of this phenomenon and prove it really happened.11. Sacrilege!

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