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  • House Passes H.R. 401, a Bill to Ban Texting in Spanish


Comments Mar 31, 2011 10:13 pm

Gasp! I have faith that this bill will not survive.Even should it pass because of a major onset of idiocy in Washington (posible, no es verdad?), surely it will not survive the Senate, where perhaps some may text in another language--even the most disgusting de lenguas--espanol--and enjoy it every now and then.As I think of not being able to text in French, should I want to generate sharply judgmental language, or German, should I desire to explain some intricate design flaws in my imported car, or in Swahili, should I want to ditch my African lover, I cannot believe that anyone would limit my right to pick up my iPhone and blast away in wharever language I please! But suppose it's Spanish--judging the ill considered action I could address freely in French: no longer possible if I want to proceed in Spanish. Although Spanish is eloquent about cars (No va!), I couldn'r complain? I'd much rather use Spanish make my rejection clear to my Latin lover! Ur gonna pass a bill that I can't do that? Spend ur time worrying about ur, for example. Caramba! Que pasa aqui en los estados unidas? So I am not really worried, but I don't quite want to post my lack of fear in Spanish. Tengo miedo.Linda Coblentz

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Darn! Why couldn't they have written it to include that all texting (and posting to Facebook and other social networks) has to be done in proper English? That's what I'm telling my children! ;-)

Reply to at 8:13 am Apr 1, 2011 4:22 pm

Didn't pope say something about the best satire cuts off the head and leaves the body standing. This comes close. The head didn't noticeI expect some of my republican friends are now sending it around in an effort to drum up support

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