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  • Computers remember so you don't have to


Comments Jul 16, 2011 11:47 am

This makes perfect sense to me. I was flying back from San Francisco a few weeks ago and was asked by several people throughout the flight what time it was. It finally occurred to me that people could see that I was wearing a watch and everyone who was asking me for the time depended on their phones for the time (which they couldn't use in the middle of the flight). What will happen to the watch industry, I wonder...

Reply to at 11:47 am Jul 26, 2011 12:40 pm

I love the playful irony here! I can't deny that I memorize fewer phone numbers than I used to, but I also can't help but wonder: what about those of us who have a memory that retains things better if they are seen on a (computer) page with graphics? Or those who find increased ability to remember more important details--as well as experience increased and ongoing cognitive abilities--seemingly as a result of dumping things like "to do" lists and calendar appointments into a computer reminder system? Are there studies that look into other ways computers might benefit memory? And, dear Plato, with apologies, I can't ever seem to remember something until I perform the act of writing it down--even if I offer the piece of paper to the campfire gods directly after I have written. :)

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