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  • Language in the age of Fake News, Fox News, and Trump™

    Post Chomskies, the transformational whole-grain cereal, with a picture of the linguist Noam Chomsky on a cereal box


Comments glomc@dakotacom.netNov 5, 2017 12:49 pm

Yes, you have some valid specs about Trump speech. Aristotle stills speaks the loudest to me.  He codified the enthymeme system in Classical Greece, as you know.

The Trump strategy is enthymemic.  If there is Trouble in River City (I was just writing an essay about that) then hammer away at the list of woes and keep asking who is in charge?

Evil Chicago?  Think, children, who is in charge?

Those who are attuned to rhetoric will now hear the loud chirping of crikets when it comes to trouble in US cities and towns because the managment has changed.

Perhaps Chicago, the home of all that is enthymatically evil, will still be snarled on occasion, but in ever so many places peace, joy, and harmony now reign and no public discourse is needed to magnify that state of perfection around the country.

The rhetoric of omission is still operational.

As Mr. Trump becomes more and more frustrated with having to comply with the law, his language becomes Fowler.

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