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  • Stood the course, now what? Favorite Bush slogan is retired

Comments Oct 24, 2006 12:20 pm

Stay the Course

Stand and Deliver 

Denis gives us a humorous analysis of what you are left with when you belatedly realize (long after most others have done so) that the course is seriously off-track.  I don't think Bush had properly conferred with his rhetorician-in-chief before he interviewed with George Stephanopoulis (best I can do with the spelling).  Bush's words were, leaning seriously into the conversation, "We've never been stay the course," after which all of his quite recent "stay the course" comments appeared on the web.  Which makes you wonder: how does one get to that state where one assumes others will answer in chorus, "YOU," when asked Richard Pryor's (?) famous question, "Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?!"

Thinking of neocon rhetoric: I assume we have all noticed how Rumsfeld's trademark call and response has become an official rhetorical device: One asks the question, then answers it.  What does using that device reveal about the phenomenology of the speaker?

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