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  • What Happens After You Submit a Job Application?

    You may not see it, but a whole world of people evaluate your job application, writes Derek Attig, who describes all that happens after you push Submit.

  • What is Group Therapy, and How Does it Work?

    We ask the Counseling Center's Kamau Grantham 5 questions about the value of group therapy.

  • Podcast: A Research Pivot, One Year Later

    It has been a year of COVID. Grad student podcasters share their funniest Zoom stories and Burning Man expert Caitlin Brooks shares insights on the power of community in times of isolation.

  • Taking a Break

    Taking healthy breaks in grad school is essential and doesn’t have to take a long time. 

  • Podcast: Your Portfolio Will Never Be Perfect or Done

    Landscape designer Saloni Chawla (MLA '18) sits down to talk with us about how she landed her dream job and why she considers it a perfect match.

  • Why You Should (or Shouldn't) Go to Grad School

    Why go to graduate school? There are a thousand reasons, which is why it's more interesting to discuss why not to go. 

  • Starting a PhD During a Pandemic

    Starting grad school in the middle of a pandemic has not been easy, but the ISE Department has been incredibly supportive! 

  • Leadership Award Winners Share What Inspires Their Service

    We caught up with the recipient and honorees of the 2020 Graduate Student Leadership Award to ask what inspired them to pursue leadership roles and what is most rewarding about their experience. Their responses are compassionate and inspiring.

  • How to Keep Track of Your Stuff or Four Horror Stories in Two Parts

    PART I: My file management horror stories and how they taught me to manage my data like a pro.