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  • Artificial Intelligence: Will a Machine Pick your Next Medication?

    The Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine is collaborating with the Coordinated Science Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to unleash the potential of artificial intelligence in patient care. Funded by a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, the Mayo Clinic and University of Illinois Alliance and corporate partners are conducting research into the big data challenge: how to develop computer systems that, combined with human intelligence, unlock new analysis of health and disease.

  • Visual Analytics for Precision Medicine - Research Collaboration Highlight

  • Update: Biomarker Discovery Challenge Projects

    In 2014, the Mayo Clinic and Illinois Alliance awarded seed funding to fourcollaborative research teams to address three grand challenges related tobiomarker discovery. Two projects have reached their conclusion within theseed program, and the Mayo Clinic and Illinois investigators are now usingthe data generated to expand their research.

  • Talented Trio Comprises the First Group of Technology-Based Healthcare Research Fellows

  • Alliance Introduces New Graduate Fellowship Program

    This spring, the Mayo Clinic and Illinois Alliance launched a new graduate fellowship program. The Fellowships for Technology-Based Healthcare Research will provide a unique opportunity for PhD students to work on a collaborative project between Mayo Clinic and Illinois with one year of the fellowship spent on the Mayo Clinic campus.

  • KBase: Coming to Illinois

    KBase enables researchers to collaboratively generate,test, and share newhypotheses about geneand protein functions.

  • Alliance Builds IT and Bioinformatics Internship Pipeline

    Biomedical informatics, or bioinformatics, is an umbrella term for all the biological studies that utilize computer programming as part of their methodology. It combines computer science, statistics, mathematics, and engineering to interpret biological data.

  • Meet Margret Berg Miller, Mayo Clinic & Illinois Alliance Co-Coordinator

    If you have been involved with the Alliance in any way, no doubt you have interacted with Maggie on some level. Here’s a bit of insight into Maggie’s background and how she supports Alliance students and researchers in the clinical research space.

  • High Tech, High Touch

    Computational Genomics Course immerses participants in this emerging field.

  • Mentoring at Mayo Clinic Important for Illinois Community Health PhD Students

    Alliance connects clinical and translational research opportunities for lllinois Department of Community Health PhD students.

  • Update: Microbiome Characteristics Determined in Healthy Pregnancies

    Study lays groundwork for connecting vaginal microbiome abnormalities to pregnancy complications.

  • Dr. Nicholas Chia: Modeling an Innovative Research Alliance

    Meet Nicholas Chia, PhD, University of Illinois postdoc fellow turned associate director of Mayo Clinic's Center for Individualized Medicine's Microbiome Program and Department of Surgery consultant. 

  • Biomarker Projects Awarded Seed Funding

    The Mayo Clinic and Illinois Alliance has awarded funding to these four collaborative research proposals that originated from teh Biomarker Discovery Workshop earlier this year. Each project addresses on of the three challenges.

  • (Bio)Marking New Territory in Precision Medicine

    The Biomarker Discovery Workshop, supported by the Mayo Clinic and Illinois Alliance, brought together researchers from both institutions with a mission to expand upon existing biomarker identification.

  • Project Update: Researchers Aim to Use the Microbiome to Predict Weight Loss Success

    Obesity is a major public health issue in much of the developed world. It’s well known that a healthy diet and regular exercise are key to losing weight, but there is another factor that may be just as influential—our microbiome.

  • Graduate Students Spend Spring Break at Mayo Clinic

    The typical Spring Break: sunshine and sandy beaches, ski slopes, or anything but work. Not the case for three Medical Scholars Program (MSP) students from Illinois, who spent an a-typical Spring Break shadowing clinician researchers at Mayo Clinic.

  • Research Collaboration Highlight: Epigenomics

    The collaboration between Ryan Bailey, PhD, and Tamas Ordog, MD, began in 2012 when Professor Bailey visited the Mayo Clinic on behalf of the Mayo Clinic and Illinois Alliance. At the time, Dr. Ordog was facing a challenge performing epigenomic analysis on small cell populations and he and Bailey started to discuss microfluidic approaches that might be enabling for these applications.

  • Seed Funding Awarded: Mayo Clinic and Illinois Strategic Alliance for Technology-Based Healthcare

    The Mayo Clinic and Illinois Alliance has awarded seed funding to four collaborative Mayo Clinic and Illinois research teams. Proposals were submitted in response to a call that was issued in conjunction with the Pharmacogenomics Workshop held in January 2013, and these proposals were selected from a pool of highly competitive applicants.

  • Mayo Clinic, University of Illinois Form Research Alliance

    The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Mayo Clinic are forming a strategic alliance designed to promote a broad spectrum of collaborative research, the development of new technologies and clinical tools, and the design and implementation of novel education programs. Officials from the university and the clinic recently signed an agreement establishing the formal relationship.