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  • Connecting With The Community

    In 2015 faculty and students partnered with the city of Jacksonville, IL to design a dog park that would make good use of seven acres of land along the Maunvaise Terre Lake.

  • Making a Difference in South Africa

    Claire Hafter was a freshman at the University of Vermont when she was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disorder that affects her lower legs. During her Recovery, she experienced a great deal of frustration with the healthcare system.

  • Toy Talk Promotes Language Development

    Research shows that the more language-rich interactions children have with their parents, the faster they learn words and the better they understand them. Toys can help facilitate language-rich interactions.

  • Keeping Things In Balance

    If it seems that falls are inevitable, there is good news: falls can be prevented if you know your risk level, where your weaknesses lie, and how to improve those weaknesses.

  • Proud To Be A Philanthropist

    Mannie Jackson has been lauded for his sharp business sense and entrepreneurial spirit. Of All his many achievements, however, Mr. Jackson says his most important is being a philanthropist.

  • Exercise Can Improve Gut Health

    Two Studies - one in mice and the other in human subjects - offer the first definitive evidence that exercise alone can change the composition of microbes in the gut

  • Is Virtual As Good As Real?

    In his most recent research, Dr. Browning is exploring the potential of virtual nature as a substitute for the real thing. A study he recently completed may be the first of its kind to make an explicit comparison of the benefits derived from virtual versus real nature.

  • Leveling the Field, Here and Abroad

    The Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) is making it possible for students with disabilities to fully participate in the Illinois experience, including studying abroad.

  • Playing For Peace

    Scholars, students, and practitioners who are interested in using sport to develop communities and promote peace came together in a two-day symposium sponsored by the Department of Recreation Sport and Tourism.

  • Gaining More than Academic Knowledge

    Students learn about themselves and the world around them during course-related trip to popular tourism destinations.