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Public Affairs ACME Awards 2010

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  • Branding Leadership Award: Jim Vattano, College of Engineering

    The Branding Leadership Award goes to Jim Vattano, a graphic designer with the College of Engineering Communications Office.

  • Innovation in Marketing Award: Jennifer La Montagne, Computer Science

    The Innovation in Marketing Award is given for creativity in the use of new media and/or other vehicles to promote a campus unit. This years recipient clearly understands that technology and gee-whiz applications arent the things that make marketing innovative. The best innovations come from creatively using the resources at hand in ways that create new connections with your audience.

  • Crisis Communication Award: Matt VanderZalm, International Programs & Studies

    The Crisis Communications Award goes to the communicator who has played a leadership role in responding to crisis situations.

  • Team Player Award: The IT Excellence Team

    The team player award this year actually goes to a team. This group of communications professionals came together from across campus to address an opportunity to build the Illinois brand by leveraging our strength in information technology.

  • Media Relations Award: Bill Bell, NCSA

    An important part of our next honorees duties is ensuring that his organization builds and protects its reputation as a national and international resource for scientists conducting cutting-edge research. That involves pushing exciting news to the media that reach audiences as diverse as scientists, government bureaucrats and corporate executives. It also means handling the crush of media interest when you announce that youre building one of the worlds most powerful computers.

  • Communicator of the Year Award: Team Alma

    The Communicator of the Year Award goes to a team who played an integral role in extending the Illinois brand into the social media world of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube known simply as The Almas.