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Get to know the archaeologists, biologists, chemists, ecologists, geologists, and other scientists and staff of the Prairie Research Institute!

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  • Jordyn Chace, graduate student

  • Elizabeth Watts Malouchos, research archaeologist

  • Jim Pisell, staff archaeologist

  • Nahal Hoghooghi, postdoctoral researcher

  • Nico Galardy, IT technical associate

  • Megan Cowan-Cranmer, field biologist

  • Robbie Emmet, postdoctoral research associate

  • Jessica Homan, social media intern

  • Natalia Maass, endangered species specialist

  • Zach Samaras, technical assistance engineer, sustainability

  • Ron Sjoken, environmental monitoring specialist

  • Margaret Golden, hourly research assistant

  • Sohan Singh, postdoctoral researcher

  • Stephanie Brownstein, research engineer

  • Angie Coy, coordinator of stakeholder engagement

  • Shop and drilling team

  • Claire Johnson, avian ecologist

  • John Beardsley, research field specialist

  • Vidya Balasubramanyam, coastal hazards specialist

  • Hillary Glandon, postdoctoral researcher

  • Jason Karakehian, PhD student

  • Tara Jagadeesh, Coastal Studies Specialist

  • Cody Eskew, Coastal Studies Specialist

  • Megan Weeks, human resources business analyst

  • Allison Bryant, Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) specialist

  • Chad Hankins, IT technical associate

  • Diane and Ed Wilhite, insect collection volunteers

  • Dawn Cosentino, project engineer

  • Jake Lux, conservation resource specialist

  • Emmarie Alexander, undergraduate researcher

  • Riley Balikian, geophysicist and hydrogeologist

  • Chris Miller, Conservation Resource Specialist

  • Michael Spear, postdoctoral researcher

  • Isabelle Lulewicz, zooarchaeologist

  • Kristen Ragusa, Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) field scientist

  • Curtis Twellmann, Illinois Learn to Hunt regional R3 planner