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Get to know the archaeologists, biologists, chemists, ecologists, geologists, and other scientists of the Prairie Research Institute!

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  • Miles Bensky, sport fish postdoctoral researcher

  • John Gatto, aquatic postdoctoral researcher

  • Hayden Hedman, eco-epidemiology postdoctoral researcher

  • Dominique Turney, aquatic nuisance species specialist

  • Holly Tuten, vector ecologist

  • Josh Osborn, waterbird ecologist

  • Anthony Porreca, assistant director of Kaskaskia Biological Station

  • Kurt Sexton, account technician

  • Carl Carman, research specialist

  • Rebecca Barzilai, midwestern archaeology postdoctoral researcher

  • Lisa Krause, coastal management specialist

  • Erica Hernandez, INHS graduate student

  • Cariad Williams, paleontology PhD student

  • Sara Johnson, INHS graduate student

  • Kylee Noel, INHS graduate student

  • Christine Atkinson, ISWS graduate student

  • Caitlin Bloomer, INHS graduate student

  • Laura De La Guardia, ISWS graduate student

  • Kelsey Low, disease ecology research assistant

  • Hugo Ruellan, INHS graduate student

  • Stephany Virrueta Herrara, INHS graduate student

  • Erin Benson, ISAS graduate student

  • Lynsey Harper, eDNA postdoctoral research associate

  • Laura Keefer, Illinois State Hydrologist

  • Lindsey Schafer, wetlands geology specialist

  • Erin Benson, archaeological assistant

  • Trent Ford, Illinois State Climatologist

  • Michael Aiuvalasit, environmental archaeologist

  • Sam Heads, PRI Center for Paleontology director and curator

  • Jeff Stein, fisheries ecologist

  • Jesse Williams: large river fisheries ecologist

  • Bob McCullough, assistant director for special projects at ISAS

  • Mackenzie Marti, Wetlands Geology Specialist

  • Joe Parkos, director of the Kaskaskia, Sam Parr, and Ridge Lake Biological Stations

  • Auriel Fournier, director of Forbes Biological Station

  • Claire Snyder, assistant scientist, large river fisheries ecology