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Get to know the archaeologists, biologists, chemists, ecologists, geologists, and other scientists of the Prairie Research Institute!

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  • Joe Parkos, director of the Kaskaskia, Sam Parr, and Ridge Lake Biological Stations

  • Auriel Fournier, director of Forbes Biological Station

  • Claire Snyder, assistant scientist, large river fisheries ecology

  • Sam Schaick, large river fisheries ecologist

  • Stephanie Brownstein

  • Vidya Balasubramanyam, coastal outreach and engagement specialist

  • Joshua Cheng, SustainabilityTechnician

  • Kevin Cummings, INHS mollusk collection curator

  • Tim Pauketat: Illinois State Archaeologist

  • Jim Lamer: large river ecologist

  • Jonathan Freiman: HR business partner

  • Angie Wisehart: Stakeholder Engagement

  • Greg Cane: stable isotope lab manager

  • Eric Schauber: Illinois Natural History Survey director

  • Pat Charlebois: Aquatic Invasive Species Outreach Coordinator

  • Susan McIntyre: Wetland Plant Ecologist

  • Kelly Estes: Agricultural Pest Survey Coordinator

  • Julie Claussen: Fisheries Biologist

  • Kristen Black: Wildlife Biologist

  • Claire Dappert-Coonrod: Archaeologist

  • Tara Beveroth: Ornithologist

  • Lauren Fitts: Archaeologist

  • Connie Carroll-Cunningham: Botanist

  • Sarah Douglass: Mussel Field Biologist

  • Alleen Betzenhauser: senior research archaeologist

  • Tara Hohoff: Wildlife Biologist

  • Clare Tolmie: Senior Research Archaeologist

  • Jessica Ackerman: Wetland Geologist

  • Zohreh Askari: Geologic Specialist

  • Yang Fang: Reservoir Engineer

  • Nancy Holm: Assistant Director

  • Sallie Greenberg: Associate Director, Energy Research & Development

  • Laurel Dodgen: Postdoctoral Research Associate

  • Zoe Zaloudek: GIS Specialist

  • Gail Kampmeier: Entomologist

  • Srirupa Ganguly: Process Development Engineer