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BSIS Ambassadors

BSIS Ambassadors are a group of undergraduate students that are dedicated to representing the iSchool and Information Sciences.  These students will work alongside iSchool Student Affairs and Recruitment & Admissions staff acting as liaisons to prospective, incoming, and current students and alumni/employers. Ambassadors are valuable resources for increasing and sharing the iSchool experience, and connecting students who have similar interests. 

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  • Abraham Martinez | Class of 2022

    Dual Degree with Economics

    Biography: Hello I am Abraham Martinez from Chicago, Illinois.  I enjoy going to concerts, playing and refereeing sports, as well as discussing technology and news way to implement it into society.

    Why Information Sciences: I would like to major in information sciences because the classes I have taken have made me really enjoy learning about information and its importance in the world and workplace. Discussing new ideas and ways to share information are some of the things I love to do with friends and family. I also enjoy discussing current events and the importance of sharing knowledge with everyone in the world as well as giving people enough resources to learn about current events and important ideas.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Box Office Staff at Canopy Club, Intramural Official with Campus Recreation, Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA), Economics Club, Part Time Job at Caribbean Grill

  • Anthony Kwok | Class of 2022

    Biography: Currently I am majoring in Information Science. Cybersecurity Enthusiast and Aspiring Computerphile. My motto is "Don't judge anyone for there's always something someone can judge about you. The quote I live by is "Patience is a virtue, compassion is a gift, love is a trial, silence is gold, forgiveness is peace." I came up with this quote when I was at one of the lowest points in my life. It is not only a symbol but also a reminder of who I once was. My slogan/meme is "Hippity Hoppity, the Internet is my property". It is a reminder that Cybersecurity will always hold a place in my heart.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: I'm a Cybersecurity enthusiast. I am proud to currently work with theCybersecurity and Networking Division at NCSA. In my spare time, I love to build, fix, repair, and troubleshoot computers. My hobbies are hacking, building computers, traveling, reading, and learning new things. I enjoy the outdoors and love going to new places. 

    Personal Website

  • Elena Marquez | Class of 2022

    Biography: I transferred to the University of Illinois from the University of San Diego in the Fall of 2019 and I am from Lake Forest IL. I've been very satisfied with my Information Sciences courses and professors, and I am excited to continue my education at the iSchool.

    Why Information Sciences: What is unique to the information sciences major is we are also taught how to think about the applications of social informatics to be able to make ethical decisions concerning privacy, use, extraction and distribution of the information acquired from data. In my future career I would like to conduct data analysis to make business decisions or find the need for new products and services. My interests vary greatly and I hope to hone in on them as I continue to learn more about information science.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Workflow Intelligence Data Science Intern at Zebra Technologies, Sales Associate at Sunglass Hat, Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-Law Fraternity, Research Assistant for Student International Business Council

  • Grace Mongan | Class of 2021

    Biography: I am an iSchool undergraduate and on the Fighting Illini Co-ed Cheer team. I'm also a member of the professional agricultural sorority Sigma Alpha. I'm excited to see where my time at the iSchool takes me!

    Why Information Sciences: I accepted an internship with Caterpillar for Data Analytics and thought that learning the broad subject of Statistics didn't seem like the proper education for that type of position which was really my end goal as a career. I really enjoy the applied side of Statistics (which isn't often a topic in stats courses) and analyzing what everything truly means which is what I am looking to do as a career. After finding IS107 and currently taking it and enjoying, it seems I have found a better match in Information Science.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Data Analytics Intern for Caterpillar, Athlete-Member of Co-ed Cheerleading Team at the University of Illinois, Professional Sorority, FFA: School Chapter Officer, Panhellenic Council Representative, Snyder’s Ace Hardware and Pharmacy Sales Associate, Macauley’s Curview Angus Representative

  • Hadley So | Class of 2024

    Biography: Hadley is an undergraduate student at the School of Information Sciences. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Sciences, with interests in Data Science and UI/UX. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Hadley has brought his appreciation of the human factors together with his love for technology as he pursues his BSIS degree.

    Why Information Sciences: I chose Information Sciences because it is the perfect combination of technology and human factors. I’ve always had a love for technology and computing, but found it too distant from the end-user sometimes. An information science enables me to utilize power of computers without forgetting the human element of our decisions.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Design for America || Student representative for the iSchool All-Faculty Committee || Covid-19 Infodemic research with C.H.I, W.H.O, and P.A.H.O || Find out more at 

  • Kaylin Hsiao | Class of 2023

    Why Information Sciences: Something about information sciences that I recently got excited about was the realization that information really is everywhere. In taking the IS 101 course over the summer, I learned that information does not mean just the stuff in a textbook like I first thought, information is any knowledge that is passed around and can be learned from; this includes images/videos being posted and reposted on social media. Because information can be seen anywhere, this further supports the fact that information sciences is so interdisciplinary.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Internship with The Children's Heart Foundation, Illini Fighting Hunger, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Engineering Student Alumni Ambassador

  • Luke Enamo | Class of 2023

  • Michael Torres | Class of 2022

    Biography: My name is Michael Torres and I am from the northside of Chicago. I am looking forward to working in the field of Information Sciences and meeting the rest of my peers in the iSchool. I enjoy hanging out with friends, attending concerts, and running.

    Why Information Sciences: Although I was heavily engaged with technology early on, my passion was ignited in high school. My information technology course was introduced with an online program called Scratch by MIT, and through this, I was able to create beautiful stories that fascinated my peers and teachers. Since then, I became obsessed with the idea of working with technology to create useful tools and beautiful pieces of art. Eventually, I was able to explore the world of the HTML trifecta and again, was extremely fascinated about how engaged I was with my work. Just like my first engagement, I could not get enough of the process of using technology to engage, entertain, and educate my audiences. I then started to realize the pattern in what I was passionate about: I loved to work behind the scenes in order to tell a story, more specifically,to create platforms where I was able to spread information.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: Social Fraternity, TRIO SSS Mentee, Volunteering with the Episcopal Church – Nuestra Señora De Las Americas

  • Miranda Garza | Class of 2022

  • Terence Franck Njekeu | Class of 2023

    Biography: I am originally from Cameroon in Central Africa and I love soccer and technology.

    Why Information Sciences: I am interested In Information sciences because of my curiosity of better understanding the role of technology in the business world and help people to better interact with technology.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: DJ for the International Student Association at Parkland College, Interning at Fermilab learning about Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.