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  • abraham

    Abraham Martinez | Class of 2022

  • anthony

    Anthony Kwok | Class of 2022

    Biography: Personal Website

  • elena

    Elena Marquez | Class of 2022

  • grace

    Grace Mongan | Class of 2021

  • Hadley

    Hadley So | Class of 2024

  • kaylin

    Kaylin Hsiao | Class of 2023

  • luke

    Luke Enamo | Class of 2023

    Biography: My name is Luke Emano and I am an Evans Scholar here at UIUC. I love meeting new people, trying new things, and I strive to be the best person I can be. I'm beyond excited to be a part of the iSchool here at Illinois and I'm so eager to discover what's to come in my academic career!

  • mtorres

    Michael Torres | Class of 2022

  • miranda

    Miranda Garza | Class of 2022

    Biography: Hello! My name is Miranda. I am super interested in social media algorithms & ethics.

  • terence

    Terence Franck Njekeu | Class of 2023

  • Thomas McShane

    Thomas McShane | Class of 2022

    Dual Degree with Economics

  • tiansheng

    Tiancheng Shi | Class of 2023

  • Yosra Abdulwahid

    Yosra Abdulwahid | Class of 2023

    Dual Degree with Economics

    Biography: Yosra is a sophomore pursuing a dual degree in Economics and Information Science. Yosra loves lifting, hiking, and traveling.  She is excited to continue her education at the iSchool!  

    Why Information Sciences: I feel that there are few areas of study as diverse and interdisciplinarity as Information Science. I love how the major offers the breadth and depth of technology while focusing on its impact on people. I feel that the Information Sciences major will directly prepare me for my future endeavors. All in all, I admire the constant pursuit of excellence and innovation that the iSchool strives for and want to be a part of its community.

    Campus Involvement & Experiences: iSchool Ambassador, Customer Service & Accounting Intern for Enterprise Works at University of Illinois Research Park, Consultant for EntreCORPS Entrepreneurial Growth Consulting Firm, General Business Mentorship Program with Cushman & Wakefield, Executive Administrative Assistant at Calvin A. West Construction Company, Illinois Marketing Association of DECA