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September Is Mindful Parenting Month

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  • September Is Mindful Parenting Month

    About Us is a multi-media project intended to provide inspiration and encouragement to our UIUC colleagues as we lean in through these difficult times.

    Click here for the About Us video.

  • The Power of Showing Up

    In this episode of the podcast Being Well with Dr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Tina Payne Bryson joins Dr. Hanson and Forrest Hanson to share how we can become better friends, parents, and people.

    Click here to listen to "The Power of Showing Up with Dr. Tina Bryson."


  • Mindful Parenting

    Parenting is challenging under the best of circumstances, but lately? In the "Mindful Parenting" episode of the podcast A Mindful Moment, Teresa McKee talks about how mindful parenting might be an excellent solution.

    Click here to hear the episode.

  • Mindful Parenting Quotes

    Click here to read about mindful parenting and for quotes and a checklist to help guide and inspire you.

  • Mindful Parenting and Wellbeing

    According to new research, mindful parenting may help improve children's wellbeing. Click here to read more about how mindful parenting may help keep kids out of trouble.

  • Parenting Books

    When the editors from Greater Good reviewed their favorite parenting books from 2020, they noticed the importance of connection and communication was a common theme. Click here for a list of books that offer science-based practical tips and sample scripts to help you communicate better with your children, build closer relationships, and set them up for happiness and resilience in life.

  • Emotion Coaching

    Mindful parenting means that you bring your conscious attention to what’s happening, instead of getting hijacked by your emotions. Click here to read more about how to respond instead of react to your children. 

  • Connecting with Love Language

    Children express and experience love in different ways. Click here to read more about the love languages and how they connect you to your child. 

  • Dealing with Parental Burnout

    Click here to read about six ways to deal with parental burnout now that we are a year and a half into the pandemic.