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September 2021 Illinois Professional Campaign Digest

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  • Officer Nina Broadnax on Being Part of the Change

    University of Illinois Police Department's Officer Nina Broadnax believes that it takes just one person to make a difference. In her work she deters crime on patrol, responds to emergency calls on campus, and also loves speaking to students and the surrounding community. She considers herself "a bit of a goofball" and enjoys helping people however she can.

    Click here to read more about Officer Broadnax and the University of Illinois Police Department.

  • Get to Know the iSchool's Peggy Regan

    Peggy Regan has been a part of the iSchool's Academic Affairs office since 2017, but her association with the University of Illinois began with her first job as an adult. She values working with the team at the iSchool and enjoys the feeling of satisfaction once course scheduling puzzle pieces come together and students begin registering. In her free time, she likes doing small craft projects, binge-watching TV series, and spending time with her family.

    Click here to read more about Peggy.

  • Applied Research Institute Spotlights John Wolff

    The Applied Research Institute (ARI) spotlights John Wolff, a Senior Software Engineer. His research area is concentrated on algorithm and software development with a range of research topics including agriculture, health, manufacturing, and defense and security. He enjoys working with interns and translating academia into real-life applications.

    Click here to read more about John.

  • Paul Foote Is Employee of the Month!

    Due to his commitment, persuasive skills, and friendly, kind determination, Paul Foote has been selected as the F&S employee of the month. Not only did he help our campus to win the International Freezer Challenge once again, he also increased the number of labs participating in the challenge last year despite the complications of COVID-19.

    Click here to read more about employee and team recognition at F&S.