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  • Amanda

    Modulation of Cerebral Blood Perfusion by Cocoa Flavanols in Aged Mice

    Molecular and Cellular Biology

  • Lora

    The role of carbon sources in immobilizing phosphorous in foodplain soils

    Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

  • Dennis

    Investigating cheap and scalable methods of creating electronics

    Electrical Engineering


  • Josephine

    Stressed Ni films electroplating for controlled spalling technology


  • Belen

    Soil Organic Matter in North American Temperate Forests

    Integrative Biology

  • Kathryn

    A comparison of two embedding systems for follicle culture

    Animal Sciences

  • Jacqueline

    Investigating children’s tendency to place blame on the victim.


  • Lizhong

    Identification of unidentified Fermi γ-ray sources.

    Astronomy and Physics

  • Iris

    Sampling anthropod abundance with sweep net and vacuum methods

    Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

  • Marisa

    Parental behaviors that influence children's media consumption


  • Rebecca

    Characterization of the surface layer structue of a thermophilic archaeon

    Molecular and Cellular Biology

  • Wesley

    Role of RNA-binding protien hnRNPI in Stem Cell Homeostasis and Colorectal Cancer

    Molecular and Cellular Biology

  • Paul

    Studying how pathogenic bacteria can remodel human host environments through secreted protein toxins


  • Thomas

    Effects of professionalization on state legislatures

    Thomas Dowling

  • Zhiee

    Turbulent Dispersion Model Development through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFDs)

    Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering

  • Caitlin

    The role of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in the regulation of stem cell activity and regeneration.

    Molecular & Cellular Biology

  • Katerina

    Analyzing RNA-seq Data to Determine Transcriptome Differences for NUE in Maize.

    Agricultural Accounting

  • Wenchao

    Implementation and Visualization of Latent Time Series


  • Lauren

    Effects of predation on larval mosquito ecology

    Integrative Biology

  • Sean

    Gravitational lenses and Astronomy

    Engineering Physics