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  • Graduate Research Assistant - Bumblebee Ecology and Conservation

  • Assistant Scientist, Human Dimensions Research

    INHS is seeking an Assistant Scientist, Human Dimensions Research associate to carry out activities essential to the Human Dimensions Research Program through the development of research plans and execution of research, including collecting, analyzing and interpreting data.


  • Fisheries Technician-Illinois-Lake Michigan Biological Station

    The primary role of the fisheries technician is to conduct basic and applied research in the area of aquatic ecology. This position is based at the Illinois-Lake Michigan Biological Station.

  • Graduate Research Assistant: Amphibian Ecology and Conservation

    Dr. Michael Dreslik (Illinois Natural History Survey) and Dr. John Crawford (National Great Rivers Research and Education Center) are seeking a graduate student to pursue a Master of Science with the Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences department at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). This is a funded project that will investigate the population ecology and demography of Jefferson-complex (Ambystoma jeffersonianum and A. platineum) and blue-spotted salamanders (A. laterale) in Illinois.

  • Entomology Lab Technician (Hourly Assistant)

    The lab assistant will conduct laboratory tasks including washing, pinning, labeling, and identification of insect specimens in support of research project on pollinators in prairie restorations.