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  • Mountain Road Snowing Snow

    Indecisiveness & Leadership

    It is okay to be unsure so long as you recognize your indecisiveness. Identify what you can control and set goals that focus on it while keeping an eye on uncontrollable factors. If you are lost in a haze, do not hesitate to ask for help from reliable mentors or peers.

  • remote

    Leading a remote team? Here are some tips for asynchronous success.

    In a post-pandemic world, it seems that working remotely is becoming more ingrained into the professional world. Remote team projects are becoming extremely commonplace. However, being a remote leader can be challenging. Here are some tips for leading a remote team from my experience as a remote team leader. 

  • Reflections on the past semester: the progress we have made

    This post reflects on the past semester and all the progress we have made from the start till now. It also emphasizes the importance of your accomplishments and future goals you may set for yourself.

  • Being a Leader in the Advertising Industry

    This blog sums up the leadership qualities necessary for success when working in an advertising agency. It teaches college students how to prepare for the industry by being mindful of the way they act and work with others.