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  • Nerves prompt muscle to release factors that boost brain health

    A colored microscope image depicting a green nerve surrounded by red and blue muscle cells.

    Illinois researchers used a novel tissue model to examine the effect of nerve stimulation on muscle secretion of brain-boosting factors. The nerves, colored green, trigger the muscle to release hormones and mRNA packages that foster growth of and connection between neurons in the brain. 

    Microscope image courtesy of Kai Yu Huang


blog posts

  • Editor’s noteTo reach Hyungjoon Kong, email

    The paper, “Neuronal innervation regulates the secretion of neurotrophic myokines and exosomes from skeletal muscle,” is available online. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2313590121

    NSF supported this work through grants CBET-1932192 and Expeditions-2123781. NIH supported this work through grant number R61HL159948.