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  • Tracking the traffic between our cells

    Microscope image

    A field of stars glimpsed through a nebula? No, these constellations are extracellular vesicles, tiny packages carrying molecular cargo between cells. 

    Image courtesy of Stephen Boppart


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  • Editor’s notes: Anyone on campus interested in learning more about extracellular vesicles should reach out to either Marni or Stephen Boppart. Together, they founded and currently lead the Extracellular Vesicle Imaging and Therapy (EVIT) Working Group at the Beckman Institute. This group hosts monthly seminars and a yearly workshop in April, with the goal of facilitating knowledge about EVs across campus.

    Marni and Stephen Boppart are affiliated with the Beckman Institute and with the Carle Illinois College of Medicine. Stephen Boppart is the Grainger Distinguished Chair of Engineering and is affiliated with the Department of Bioengineering, the Cancer Center at Illinois and the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute.