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  • GABA receptors in brain could be targets to treat depression and its cognitive symptoms

    "Old Man Sorrowing (At Eternity's Gate)," a painting by Vincent Van Gogh, depicts a man hunched in a chair with his head in his hands.

    Treatments modulating the neurotransmitter GABA and its main receptors in the brain could help address both the affective and cognitive symptoms associated with depression, such artist Vincent Van Gogh is suspected to have experienced, the authors of a new paper say. 

    “Sorrowing Old Man (At Eternity’s Gate),” Vincent van Gogh, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


blog posts

  • Editor’s notes: To reach Uwe Rudolph, email  

    The paper “GABAA receptors as targets for treating affective and cognitive symptoms of depression” is available online

    Competing Interests: J.M. serves on the Scientific Advisory Board and has a sponsored research agreement with SAGE Therapeutics. U.R. is Scientific Advisor to DAMONA Pharmaceuticals. E.S. is the co-founder and chief scientific officer of DAMONA Pharmaceuticals. He is listed on patents for molecules modulating GABAergic functions, which are licensed into DAMONA Pharmaceuticals.