Faces of WYSE at The Grainger College of Engineering

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Faces of WYSE at The Grainger College of Engineering
The Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) culture is defined by our students, our volunteers, and our alumni - the faces - that make up this program. WYSE is about pushing the boundaries of diversity in STEM education. It’s about embracing an innate curiosity and celebrating our collective accomplishments. Inspired by Humans of New York. We invite you to meet our WYSE friends in their own words, through snapshots of their experience. Join us in getting to know the Faces of WYSE at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!

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  • Faces of WYSE: Suzanne Peterson

    We want to CONGRATULATE Suzanne Peterson, a recent graduate in Aerospace Engineering, who was a previous Worldwide Youth in Science & Engineering program (WYSE)  camp attendee and has been a lab assistant for our Aerospace camp! Congratulations on your offer at Raytheon and good luck with your grad school application for materials engineering! She is one of the reasons our camps are so successful.....

  • Faces of WYSE: Vignesh Alla

    At Worldwide Youth in Science & Engineering program (WYSE), we want to commend our lab assistants for working with students in their classes and giving their time to support our program. Faces of WYSE caught up with one of our summer 2019 Discover Bioengineering lab assistants, Vignesh Alla, over his fall break. 

  • Faces of WYSE: Rishi Mohan

    Rishi Mohan puts a priority on priority on project management, so of course he would pursue industrial engineering and plans to be of the business team of Solar Car! In addition to selecting a rigorous major....

  • Faces of WYSE: Sam Pakeltis

    Sam Pakeltis is a sophomore in Computer Engineering. Sam decided to attend the Grainger College of Engineering, because he saw how good the programs were here by attending WYSE camp and the decision was all that was left. Hailing from Willowbrook High School, today we hear from Sam about his goals, college experiences and advice....

  • Faces of WYSE: Anna Sun

    Anna Sun is a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering. Hailing from Winston Churchill High School in Maryland, she decided her program at the University of Illinois during a college visit. Apart from her studies...

  • Faces of WYSE: Cole BenVau

    Cole BenVau is a freshman in Materials Science and Engineering (MATSE) who reunited with WYSE at E-Night (Engineering Quad Day) and gave a testimonial about his time on-campus. While this was only his third day of classes, Cole already has his eye out to join some registered student organizations


  • Faces of WYSE: Marielle Aromin

    Marielle Aromin is an incoming freshman from Kaneland High School at the University of Illinois studying civil & environmental engineering. She was the winner of our E-Night raffle! Congratulations! Apart from her studies...