Groundwater in Illinois

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A forum for discussing groundwater issues in Illinois by scientists at the Illinois State Water Survey.

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  • ISWS Reignites Outreach Activities in Illinois

    The Illinois State Water Survey’s Groundwater Section has begun taking a more active role in outreach to help the residents and youth in Illinois learn more about groundwater and private wells. The ISWS has been working with Illinois citizens and important stakeholders for more than a century to raise awareness about protecting Illinois’ water resources.

  • Ongoing Water Supply Planning in Middle Illinois

    Water Supply Planning is a cyclical effort to perform long-term water supply analyses for each of the planning regions throughout Illinois and identify potential risks to water supply using the latest available data. Here we present some early results for the Middle Illinois region, with work slated to wrap up over the next few months.

  • Pledge to Test Your Well Water: Win a FREE Water Test

    The Private Well Class is celebrating National Groundwater Awareness Week (#GWAW2018) by hosting the 3rd annual Pledge to Test (#pledge2test) Campaign. In this nationwide pledge, well owners are invited to pledge to submit a water sample for testing to a lab in their area. One Pledge to Test Campaign participant will be randomly selected to be reimbursed for the cost of testing the private well water at their residence, up to $200.

  • Water from Where? The Complex Web of Water Use in Illinois

    Scientists at the Illinois Water Survey have developed an interactive map of where every community in Illinois gets their water from.

  • 4,000 Year-Old Pollution

    We've been polluting for a long time.

  • The Private Well Class, Five Years in the Making

    Staff at the University of Illinois developed a 10-lesson online class, the Private Well Class, for homeowners with private wells to learn how to properly care for their water well.

  • Improving our ability to “see” aquifers

    The Illinois State Water Survey has developed new modeling approaches to analyze the 150+ years of data we have collected in the region, improving both our historic understanding of the aquifers of the state and our modeling capabilities to simulate future water supply planning scenarios.

  • Groundwater Depletion in Chicago’s Southwestern Suburbs

    Sandstone water supplies in the southwest suburbs are at the highest risk, where water levels have reached historic lows, exceeding 1,100 feet of drawdown when wells are pumping.

  • A Change in Focus: More Groundwater

    Due to various circumstances, I have been unable to maintain a reasonable schedule for blog posts on my blog "Water Quality, Focus on Illinois." In fact, I haven't posted in a number of months. As a result, we are expanding the blogs to include multiple authors in the Groundwater Science Section at the Illinois State Water Survey, Prairie Research Institute at the University of Illinois. The scope of the blog posts will be broadened to include many topics on groundwater, not just water quality, still with an emphasis on Illinois, although not limited to our state. We hope you enjoy the new look, and we look forward to your feedback.

  • Fish Adapting to Pollution

    A paper published in Science reports that genetic adaptions in the Atlantic killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) allow it to survive what, in unpolluted environments, would be lethal levels of bioaccumulative dioxin-like contaminants.