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  • Creating Pathways to Career Success Amidst Uncertainty

    None of us knows exactly what the world of work will look like in the coming year, within or outside of academia. But we do know that it’s not the world our graduate students thought they would find themselves in when they started their programs. As graduate students head into this uncertain future, they need supportive mentoring more than ever. In addition to acknowledging the uncertainty and listening to their worries with openness and empathy, here are some simple steps you can take in the coming months to actively support your graduate students.

  • Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment

    It is easy to assume that the environments we create for our students are inclusive simply because we are well-meaning and intend them to be so. Similarly, when we see compositional diversity, we often assume there is inclusion. But fostering an inclusive environment requires cultivating an awareness of the spoken and unspoken customs that shape those environments and creating a learning space where voices from multiple perspectives are valued. No matter how well-intentioned we are, we can inadvertently perpetuate behaviors that exclude—rather than include—our students if we don’t take the time to reflect on our practices, educate ourselves, and be open to change. 

  • Now is the Time to be Transparent, Flexible, and Understanding

    COVID-19 calls to our attention the importance of being transparent, flexible, and understanding. Perhaps the most defining characteristic of this pandemic has been uncertainty and unpredictability. We have little notion of what will happen and when. This is true for our personal and professional lives; this is all new and scary. In our interactions with our graduate students, it is important to acknowledge and discuss this uncertainty.