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Scholarships, careers, and opportunities for MEP students. Links to more scholarship listings for continuing students, department scholarships, and external scholarships here:

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  • ENG 199 EM: Engineering the Mind

    New 2nd-half, 8-wk course for 1 credit for Spring 2017! Meets once a week on Tuesdays from 3:30-5pm. This course explores topics like optical illusions, magic tricks, and how the brain can be fooled. The purpose of the course is to show you a whole new world and leverage our understanding of the brain to improve how you learn. Currently, this course is open only to first- and second-year engineering students, but the restric tions will soon be opened up for more students. For more information, you may contact DS Choi at

    Here is the link to the course explorer:

  • INFO 490 Makerspace Studio Classes

    Markerspace Studio Classes at the CU Fab Lab

    Explore your creative side in one of these hands-on Makerspace Studio Classes.

    Learn to use digital fabrication tools like: electronic cutters, laser cutters, small electronics, digital embroidery machines, and 3D printers.

    Curiousity and playfulness encouraged. Artistic talent not required!

    Digital Fabrication Rapid Prototyping: Section A includes an emphasis on iteration and self-directed learning through making. Students will complete and present an independent project at the end of the course that combines multiple tool areas.

    Section A: Iterative ProjectCRN 65245
    FALL 2017

    Makerspaces in Schools, Libraries, & Museums: Section B includes an emphasis on community engagement in makerspaces. Students in this section will evaluate makerspace curricula for classrooms, libraries, and museums and will have the opportunity to conduct a workshop with our community partners.

    Section B: Community Engagement
    CRN 68131
    FALL 2017

  • Engineering Learning Assistant (ELA) Positions Open

    Create an impactful first-year experience through intentional instruction, mentorship, and advocacy. Become an IEFX ELA. Apply today!

  • Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP @ UI)

    Now in its third year of collaboration, the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) and the Graduate College offer the opportunity for first and second-year undergraduate students (including transfer students) to assist advanced graduate students (those who have completed all coursework requirements and are in the dissertation research stage) with their research projects. Through a one-on-one research experience with their graduate student mentor, undergraduate students will have the opportunity to learn what it means to do research, create knowledge, and produce scholarship. Undergraduate students will begin work with their mentors in Spring 2018.

    Undergraduate researchers will be given course credit (3 credit hours). Undergraduate students will attend regular weekly class meetings with OUR and Grad College instructors, as well as work one-on-one with their graduate mentors. Students will also complete a final project, consisting of a research poster, to be presented during “Undergraduate Research Week” sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR).

    If you have any questions about the application process, the office will be holding informational meetings on Friday October 13 and Wednesday October 18, from 3-3:50pm in Bevier Hall Room 166. Get tips on creating a good statement of interest, why you should participate, and get your questions answered.

    For more information and to apply, please see the post on website: Deadline for applications is Monday, October 30.

    Questions may be addressed to: Please put “URAP” in the subject line.

  • ABE 452

    ABE 452 - Engineering for Disaster Resilience in Puerto Rico

    ABE 452 - Engineering for Disaster Resilience







    Link to flyer:

    For more information visit:

    For questions email:

    - This course is designed to engage students in the development of pathways towards designs for sustainable and resilient food, energy, and water provision for disaster-prone regions.

    - We work with communities in Puerto Rico, on real world problems, and seek to develop relationships with other stakeholders around Puerto Rico.

    - Students will review social factors that provide context for specific regions, while quantifying potential engineering resilience provided to communities.

    - Students will directly work with local communities, aid organizations, and peer institutions in the identification and implementation of sustainable and resilient responses.



  • Hip Hop Entrepreneurship Course

    Hip Hop Entrepreneurship Course

    Register for TE398/AFRO398

    ISR Room 2B

    Instructor Dr. William Patterson

    Explore the relationship between urban America, technology, engineering, social entrepeneurship, and the developement of existing industries. Learn hoe to redevelop existing urban spaces and envision new milennial spaces. Explore fundraising, incubating, marketing, business plan developement, and more.

  • NPRE 498-Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Bedrock

    Enroll in NPRE 498 - Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Bedrock (crn59909) - Spring 2014

    Compare U.S. and Swedish Approaches to Management of Nuclear Reactor Fuel Discharges

    March 17 - May 7, 2014:  Attend five meeting hours at UIUC

    June 8-21, 2014:  Conduct field work and attend lectures in Stockholm, Sweden.  Travel to Sweden is required for participation in this course.

    4 UIUC Credit Hours

    Students registered in the course will be required to submit an application to International Programs in Engineering at to attend the study abroad component. 

    APPLY NOW!  Application Deadline March 7, 2014 at

    Questions??  Stop by our office in 210 Engineering Hall or contact Professor Cliff Singer ( or Professor Tomasz Kozlowski (


  • XSEDE Scholars Program

    Application Deadline:  April 1, 2013

    Conference Dates:  July 22 - 25, 2013

    Underrepresented minority undergraduate or graduate students, studying at research institutions, who are interested in the computational sciences, are especially encouraged to apply. 

    The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) Scholars Program is a year long program for U.S. students from underrepresented groups in computational sciences.  The program provides opportunities to learn more about high performance computing and XSEDE resources, network with cutting-edge researchers and leaders, and belong to a cohort of student peers to establish a community of academic leaders.  Please read more for further information.

  • Information about T&M minor

    See attached file for information concerning the Technology and Management minor.

  • Puerto Rico: Disaster Relief Project Info Session

    Date:         12/1

    Time:         12pm

    Location:  4101 MSEB

    Free Pizza!

    Course information:

    CRN: 68117

    Rubric: ABE 498

    Section: DRP Credits: 3 hours  T/Th 5-6:15

    Title: Disaster Relief Projects: Hurricane Maria

    Course Explorer Web Address:

    This course is a faculty led study tour to Puerto Rico designed to develop a pathway towards sustainable responses for disaster relief efforts. Students will   investigate background cultural, political, and social factors that preceded recent events within Puerto Rico and will influence sustainability and viability of solutions. Students will be trained in the assessment of the viability of potential technological solutions responding to current challenges for the local societies after the disaster.  Students will be trained in the safety issues associated with entering potentially dangerous areas. Students will work with local communities, aid organizations, and peer institutions in development of sustainable responses to recent events in Puerto Rico. Students will document their visit and their assessments providing a prioritized action plan for future sustainable development. Travel will occur to Puerto Rico during Spring Break, departures on Saturday March 17, and a return on March 25, 2018.

    Course Fee: there will be a fee associated with this course in the amount of TBD, which covers the cost of round trip airfare, ground transportation, lodging, and in-country programming. Scholarships are available. Students should contact their college study abroad office for more information about scholarships. Restricted: Instructor Approval Notes: Although this course is registered for a full semester course, it is scheduled to meet from February 19 through April 13.

  • LINC service-learning opportunities for SP13

    There are service-learning opportunities in ENG 315, LINC-Learning in Community for Sp13.  Students in previous semesters have enjoyed the hands-on, real projects working with and for community partners around the world.



    All students – any major, any level – may enroll. There are several new partners and projects with 17 sections meeting at various times:



    For graduate and advanced undergraduate students, Project Management opportunities are available:



    For additional information view the introductory video. "What is LINC?" which is posted at,


  • FSG Schedule

    FSG Schedule for Spring 2014

    Scheduled to begin week of 2/10/2014

    Math 231 – Mondays 9-10:30 PM, Room 403 Grainger and Thursdays 7:30-9:00 PM, Room 403 Grainger

    Math 241 – Mondays 9-10:30 PM, Room 401 Grainger and Tuesdays 9-10:30 PM, Room 401 Grainger

    Physics 211 – Tuesdays 6-7:30 PM, Room 403 Grainger and Wednesdays 6-7:30 PM, Room 101 Engineering Hall. 


    Contact Andrea Wynn with questions at 244-3959/

  • 10-Week Summer Program

    Community-Academic Scholars Initiative
    For undergraduates from any discipline interested in addressing critical issues in the areas of health equity, brain health, and poverty or social inequality. 
    Deadline: February 1, 2020

  • The Hoeft Technology & Management Program Info Sessions

    The Hoeft Technology & Management Program Info Sessions

    The Hoeft Technology & Management (T&M) Program bridges the gap between traditional engineering and business education by offering a unique curriculum to a select group of highly qualified business and engineering undergraduates. The T&M Program is a joint venture between the College of Business and the College of Engineering and works closely with its corporate affiliate partners to groom the best and the brightest students to be tomorrow's leaders.

    Tuesday, Nov. 15th, 5-6 p.m., 1320 DCL Wednesday, Nov. 16th, 5-6 p.m., 2043 BIF

    Who? Business and engineering majors planning to graduate any time from May 2019 to December 2020

    Questions? Email 


    Interested students are encouraged to “like” the T&M page on Facebook

  • Undergrad Research Lab Safety Course

    Are you getting ready to do research?

    Here is a class for you to learn about the variety of hazards that you may encounter in a research lab environment. This is an opportunity for you, as an undergrad, to have a basic understanding of lab safety. It is offered int he first 8 weeks and the seoncd 8 weeks of each semester.

    March 13 - May 3, 2017(CRN 64748)

    Course Requirements

    - Homework (online training, videos, and readings)
    - Quizzes
    - Attendance

    Visit the ADD-DROP PORTAL now for instructions on how to add this class to your schedule for the 2nd 8 weeks of spring 2017!

  • College of Engineering Courses for Undergrad Researchers - Fall 2017

    1-credit hour
    214 Ceramics Building
    Meets October 23 to December 13
    TR, 12:30-1:45PM

    Essentials of safe laboratory practice. Topics include chemical, electrical, biological and radiation safety, waste disposal and fire hazards. Lecture and demonstration format. Essential for students who will perform undergraduate research in a laboratory. Restricted to students in the Engineering College. Physics, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Agrkcultural & Biological Enginerring and Chamistry: contact instructor for override. 

    1-credit hour
    106B3 Engineering Hall
    Wednesdays, 12:00-12:50PM

    This course will introduce undergraduate students to how engineers and scientists approach research, communicate their ideas and results, and are trained. The course will spotlight some of the engineering research currently on campus (monthly luncheons) and provide some background preparation for students interested in taking part in research as an undergraduate. This course is open to all undergraduates in science, technology, engineering, and math. It is designed to complement your research experience!

    1-credit hour
    Meets August 28 to October 20
    Wednesdays, 11:00-11:50AM

    This course will introduce undergraduate students to advanced degrees and how to best prepare for the application process. The course will provide opportunities to explore graduate programs, develop application materials, and understanding funding mechanisms. Intended for juniors and advanced sophomores. Restricted to undergraduate engineering students.

  • JOUR460: NASA Space Grant Spring 2018

    The Little Satellite That Could

    JOUR460: NASA Space Grant Spring 2018

    In this class you'll use your skill s in interactive web visualization, gaming, digital storytelling and multimedia design and production to tell the true tale of something awesome - a remarkable little satellite, born in an aeronautical engineering lab here on campus and scheduled to be blasted into space in the fall of 2018. The little satellite - about the size of a kitchen blunder - will spend a year doing NASA funded research, reliably following orders beamed from Illinois' mission control center. Then, slowly, a decaying orbit and the friction of earth's atmosphere will conspire to burn the little satellite to a cinder, terminating it and its mission. All that's left will be the science. And the true tale you tell.

    Instructor: Charles "Stretch" Ledford.

    Meetings: Tuesdays, 9am-1150am, 13 Gregory Hall

    Credit: 3 hours.

    CRN: 65638

    More info:


  • AISES - Scholarship Application Webinar

    Get Your Scholarship Application Noticed - A Webinar Presented by Chevron March 1, 2018 at 4:00pm 

    More infoRegister