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  • A woman dancing between trees.

    Development is a Dance: Tips for a Non-Linear Journey

    "A baseball scout once told me, 'Development is a dance.' He was talking about how young baseball players don’t improve on a linear path. Some take steps forward and then back, or laterally, before figuring it out."

  • Fellowship Creates Space for Community-Centered Work

    Career exploration is time-consuming. For Heather Ennis, this period of discernment has been a slow, necessary evolution—one that has provided an opportunity for self-reflection about her graduate education in the humanities.

  • Jay Lopez

    Get to Know Recreation, Sport & Tourism Online Master’s Student, Jay Lopez

    Meet Jay Lopez, an online master’s student in Recreation, Sport & Tourism. Jay lives and works in Long Beach, California, with his wife, Emily, and their two young children.

  • Illustration of a a diverse group of leaders

    Leadership Award Winners Share What Inspires Their Service

    We caught up with the recipient and honorees of the 2020 Graduate Student Leadership Award to ask what inspired them to pursue leadership roles and what is most rewarding about their experience. Their responses are compassionate and inspiring.

  • Katie Frye

    One Story Video: Get to Know Microbiology Ph.D. Student, Katie Frye

    Meet Katie Frye a Ph.D. student in Microbiology and a COVID-19 SHIELD: Target, Test, Tell team member.

  • Podcast: A Research Pivot, One Year Later

    It has been a year of COVID. Grad student podcasters share their funniest Zoom stories and Burning Man expert Caitlin Brooks shares insights on the power of community in times of isolation.

  • Cartoons of adults in a variety of fun activities.

    Podcast: Bringing Childlike Approaches to Self-Care

    Abby shares some techniques to lower stress in elementary school students, such as a 5-4-3-2-1 mapping exercise, that might also work for grad students. 

  • Illustration of a woman with a pencil, guitar, mountains and other thoughts above her head.

    Podcast: The Fine Art of Balance

    Theatre doctoral student Vincent Carlson performs "You and Your Work," a poem he wrote inspired by boundary setting and conflicting ideas about work ethic. 

  • Person sitting in a classroom with a laptop, wearing a mask and gesturing with hands.

    Starting a PhD During a Pandemic

    Starting grad school in the middle of a pandemic has not been easy, but the ISE Department has been incredibly supportive! 

  • A young woman looks pensively out of frame.

    Teenage girls' self-esteem is a product of past experience

    A study led by Beckman researcher Karen Rudolph and doctoral student Haley Skymba is among the first to demonstrate that past experiences with bullying, friendlessness, and other forms of social exclusion directly impact teenage girls' perceptions of self-worth and belonging. Making this connection is a critical first step in designing intervention programs to improve teenagers' mental health.