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Comments Jun 1, 2018 12:24 pm

Thank you for sharing these reports and for the opportunity to provide feedback. The Strategic Plan Task Force Data Science report presented an overview of existing conditions and a plan for moving forward and ideas for strengthening connections across campus and outside the university. One component that could be added to expand this plan involves the campus career services community.

In disussing an area of such benefit to so many different sectors, it's critical to bring the campus career services offices into the conversation. We could be expanding plans to include internship programs and co-ops, data science career fairs, practicums, on-site employer visits and similar programming of benefit to students and industry partners. We cannot depend simply on the market to provide student opportunities, we should be creating career development opportunities and programming along with the development of the IDSI.  

Speaking as a member of the campus career services community, many of us would be enthusiastic about contributing to this important effort.

Best regards,

Michele Plante, Employer Relations, School of Information Sciences.

Reply to at 12:24 pm Feb 19, 2018 5:16 pm

AI (Artificial Intelligence) should be listed a major area of focus. It is related to data science, but very different. MIT has recently announced that it will focus on AI. U of I seems to be a bit behind. 

AI is not the same as deep learning though. I don't think deep learning will be that important in 10 years, but AI will be. 

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