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Comments Apr 9, 2018 11:04 am

This is a general recommendation for the entire strategic planning process: Once all the strategic priorities are determined, I hope there will be deliberate next steps that include the development of corresponding and comprehensive marketing and communications plans and advancement plans. Such support plans would help ensure successful outcomes.

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At a recent Budget Town Hall Provost Cangellaris talked about public engagement in the context of UI Extension efforts. While it is true that we all want to move what it means to be a Land Grant University into the current century, I don't think public engagement should fly under such a tired banner as the extension model. Your group does a good job of detailing all the points of contact that make a more modern conceptualization of public engagement, however, I hope that your efforts are not restricted in the popular mindset to old conceptions of siloed branches with delegated responsibility for handling the public. Public engagement should be taken on as part of everyone's "job," from the secretary answering a call to the department head engaging the tenure process. Whatever initiatives result from this recent strategic planning effort, it may be worth pushing for explicit internal messaging (and related delivery efforts) that helps our own people to better understand collective goals as they are intended. As the leaders for the Public Engagement strategic focus area, it may be appropriate to include specific language that acknowledges the communication challenges of delivering an effective call for refocussing, and to set an example for others in the hope that this time our many efforts yield more thorough results. Thank you for your time.

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