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Comments Jun 2, 2018 7:03 pm

Item (10) in Section 2 of your Committee Report calls for expanding the UIUC presence in Africa.  I applaud this goal and am eager to assist in any way that I can to promote ties between UIUC and Africa.  At Vice-Provost Mabokela’s invitation I prepared a memo for her on precisely this topic.  The memo highlights the African Institute of Mathematical Science (AIMS) as one desirable partner. 

The AIMS center in Cape Town was established in 2003.  Under the umbrella of the Next Einstein Initiative it is now part of a pan-African network of centers for graduate education, research and outreach in mathematical sciences. 
 I have taught there several times in the past five years and Chancellor Jones visited AIMS while he was in Cape Town this past February (2018). 

The memo is apparently too large to be included in this comment, but Vice-Provost Mabokela has a copy. I would be happy to email a copy or deposit one in a suitable online folder specified by you, if that would be helpful.

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I think the plan to include all the area study centers under one institute is a fantastic one. This is one of the great strengths of the University of Illinois, and to find a donor in order to fund a permanent home for these centers within close physical proximity will surely only pay dividends throughout future decades. This is an exciting development! 

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