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Comments Apr 3, 2018 1:38 pm

The report does a good job of establishing a global perspective for our food security efforts - particularly in terms of research and interdisciplinary collaboration. However, I think that in setting those global goals, the report in some ways didn't give enough attention to food security issues here on campus. While I have never seen a figure specific for the University of Illinois, a new report this week from George Washington University asserts that 36% of college students across the country don't get enough to eat. Even if 10% of Illinois students fell into that category, that's still over 4,000 students who are food insecure.

I applaud the desire to solve global food security problems. But I would like to see our Strategic Plan boldly set a goal of wiping out food insecurity for our students while they are here at the University of Illinois. Tangental references to campus food security issues mixed in with calls for innovative global research isn't enough to deal with the campus problem. Addressing the food security of our students should be a separately articulated goal for this focus area of the strategic plan. No University of Illinois student should go hungry while they are part of our campus community.

Reply to at 1:38 pm Mar 14, 2018 11:30 am

Thank you to the committee for the report and presentation.  I feel the report is on target in terms of opportunities and challenges.  The University of Illinois has all the key components to lead state, national and global efforts in this arena.  This strategy demonstrates the Land Grant mission and supports Illinois' economic advancement and social sector support in a cohesive manner.  

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