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Comments Apr 3, 2018 2:25 pm

Hi All,


Thanks for the thoughtful report. Here are just a couple of thoughts. I'm happy to expand on them and/or meet.

A few resources to draw upon when thinking about the creation of an ISR style body: 

- Consider the idea of Illinois as the Land-Grant University for the 21st Century in which research advances through engagement with new questions and challenges arising from public service (so the public is served through science in the tradition of the agricultural extension, but now using the insights and methods of the social and behavioral sciences AND science accelerates from challenges that are not yet part of any disciplinary literature). See the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities for example ( ) 

- Consider other ways that the social and behavioral sciences at Illinois can show value to the citizens of Illinois via other support of and collaboration with not just the professional schools but also with governments around the state. (See the Lab @ DC and the OES as well as the more broad evidence-informed/evidence-based policy movement including NGOs like J-Pal, Ideas42, BIT, EGAP, Research4Impact, Results for America to the federal Commission on Evidence-Based Policy) 

 - I would have added "Improving Public Policy, Governance, and the Relationships between the Public and Government" as a grand challenge area which would include training data and behavioral policy savvy undergraduates ready to be the city / county / and state managers of governments in the next 150 years as well as including working on teams including human centered designers and machine learning experts to produce solutions to tough policy problems (including those that have to do with poverty and its effects).


Thanks again all.






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