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Comments Mar 14, 2018 7:04 pm

On page 21, the committee writes passionately about the Area Studies Programs on campus. And yet your solutions are not very well informed. How many members of the Committee are in Area Studies Programs? Are you aware of the fact that Krannert shut its Asian Gallery, a gallery that has been a part of that museum for decades? Are you aware that Art History does not support at all its solitary Asianist and does not allow her to work with graduate students? Until such very basic issues are resolves, your eloquence has little substance.

Reply to at 7:04 pm Feb 19, 2018 3:07 pm

It's already baked into this "Strategic Task Force" memo that the University's intention is to essentially means test Humanities programs and support only those programs that rake in the biggest grants, "synergize" effectively to "capitalize" on already established funding levels, or otherwise remain passive and compliant as disenfranchized members of the university community.

What do the humanities on campus need to do good research, engage with the community, and teach their students? More funding. They need money to pay their graduate students a living wage and to hire more tenure-track professors. The challenge we face is not having enough money. The idea that we are somehow going to leverage these "emergent" humanities fields to solve a crisis created by a lack of funds while the university continues to defund and reduce humanities programs would be laughable if it wasn't so insulting.

Reply to at 3:07 pm Feb 19, 2018 12:48 pm

This university needs to seriously reevaluate how it invests in the humanities. The divide between north of Green Street and south of Green Street is a visible, physical reminder of how the University treats its humanities program. On the one side, there are newly remodeled buildings, modern sculptures, a gigantic library; on the other, there are buildings which still have chalkboards that say "no smoking." Pay attention to how you treat us; because whether you think so or not, we notice what you're doing.

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