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  • online teaching

    Reflections: Being a Student Leader in a Pandemic and Lessons Learned

    This post provides reflections from UIUC students on this past Fall semester and how they felt about the changes and transition to online classes. 

  • leadership

    The Role of Relationship Management in Leadership

    This post emphasizes the importance of relationship management in leadership. It goes into detail on ways to practice, understand, and learn from relationship management as a leader. 

  • group

    The Importance of Community to Leadership Practice

    This post explains the importance of community in leadership and guides you through different ways to be a leader in a community. 

  • human dignity

    Human Dignity in Leadership

    This post explains the importance of one of the ILC's competencies, human dignity, and how it is important in leadership. 

  • integrity 3

    What does it mean to be an ethical leader?

    This post shares ways to be an ethical leader and practice integrity as a leader in our every day. The author shares some personal stories as well on the topic of integrity.

  • The Importance of Developing a Community Perspective

    This post talks about the importance of community and volunteering within your own community. The post shares a bit more about how to develop leadership skills through helping out your community. 

  • reflection

    Why reflection is important in a leadership role

    This post talks about the importance of reflection and how it is important for leaders and teams to practice reflection. 

  • world diversity

    Becoming a Culturally Competent Leader

    Great leaders possess the skills, knowledge, and attitude necessary to build authentic connections with people from different cultures. This blog will highlight qualities of culturally competent leaders and steps you can take to build cultural competence.

  • openness

    The importance of practicing openness today’s society

    This post talks about the importance of openness and shares how the importance of practicing openness will be impactful in both your professional and personal life. 

  • The Importance of Sustainable Leadership

    This post highlights why being a sustainable leader in today’s climate is important. The author challenges the reader to explore sustainable practices and try to implement them in their daily lives as well as their leadership roles.

  • empathy


    This post starts by comparing empathy to shoes, displaying a metaphor for being the listener for someone's story. This post also shares a comparison and a way to think of empathy in a different way. 

  • girl with all the colors

    The Effectiveness of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

    Since October is Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month, this post goes into detail on the importance of emotional intelligence and how to effectively use it in leadership. 

  • integrity

    The Power of Integrity

    This post talks about power of integrity and what makes it so important in life and leadership. 

  • Crowd marches at the George Floyd protests 6/2/2020

    Leadership in Social Justice

    The Oxford Languages Dictionary defines social justice as “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.” The concept of social justice encompasses all oppressed and marginalized groups and it is formed on five pillars: access to resources, equity, participation, diversity, and human rights.

  • lightbulb

    Sustainability in Leadership

    This post goes into depth on sustainability in leadership and emphasizes the importance of it. 

  • The Illinois Model of Leadership

    Through a campus-wide initiative involving faculty, staff, and student participants, the ILC developed The Illinois Model of Leadership Education. Learn more about this framework used to inform and shape the practice of the leadership education at Illinois. 

  • people

    How Leaders Communicate Effectively

    Communication is something key in leadership as well as our everyday lives. This post goes into more detail on communication and gives some great advice on how to effectively use communication in different areas. 

  • Innovation and Leadership

    This post talks about innovation and the impacts it has on leadership. Innovation helps start trendsetters and conversation starters for leaders. It is important to recognize the impact innovation has on leaders. 

  • lightbulb

    Innovation in Leadership

    This post goes into details on Innovation in leadership. It describes what innovation is and ways to embrace innovation in leadership and in our daily lives. 

  • group

    The Shared "We"

    This post goes into detail on the importance of Common Purpose in Leadership and how practicing this competency will make you a great leader. 

  • One Question to Answer Before Deciding Your Career Path

    Remember the saying that we all wanted to believe as kids? You can be anything you want to be when you grow up. One of the best ways to end up in the kind of career that earns you respect, recognition, success, and happiness is to do more of what you're good at.

    Click the title to read this article by Jessica Buono from Gallup with CliftonStrengths, one of the programs presented at the ILC!