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  • Send Targeted Emails

    Send personalized emails. Learn how to store and access custom data and start making an impact in the inbox.

  • Forms and Surveys Demo [58:39]

    This video is a full-length demo on Webtools Forms and Surveys

  • Email+ Demo [56:27]

    View a complete Demo of Email+ by watching the making of a Newsletter.

  • Clearing Your Browser's Cache

    Your browser's cache temporarily stores files, scripts, and other web page contents in order to speed up your browsing experience. Cookies store information about sites you visit, such as your site settings. When you experience problems with Webtools, it may help to clear the browser cache and your cookies.

  • New Updates to Blog Tool and Skin Designer

    A walkthrough all of the new updates to the Blog Tool and Skin Designer, what you can do and how it works.

  • Understanding the Email+ Queue

    Sending extremely large numbers of emails is very complicated.  This post will attempt to explain the sending process as well as explain some of the many considerations that have to be made while sending every email. 

  • Dealing with 'Undelieverable' Replies

    The 'From' email address will receive bounce-back emails. Learn how to avoid this getting out of control.

  • Blog Tool Demo [53:37]

    Learn how to make custom Blogs quickly and easily. Fine-tune with advanced settings in the Skin Designer.

  • Add a "Jump-to" question to a Form or Survey [3:21]

    "Jump to" allows your users to skip over a page or pages based on how they answer. Check it out...

  • Importing Profiles in the Directory

  • Calendar - General XML Information

    The Calendar is currently going through a redesign.  There are new fields being added to the database.  These changes will take several months.  If you want to be kept up to date with the Calendar changes then please subscribe to this blog.

    subscribe to this blog

    The Calendar XML described below should only be used if you are not able to use the Calendar Widgets (JavaScript Includes).  Calendar Widgets can be found when setting up a Calendar under the tab called Widgets.  If you do not find a widget that works for you please use the Contact Use link at the top of the Toolbox to request a new widget.  Using Calendar XML should always be a last resort.

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  • Group Manager Demo [37:17]

    View a complete Demo of all of the Group Manager features.

  • Add a Carousel Widget to a Webpage [4:51]

    View a complete demo of adding a Blog Carousel widget to a webpage.

  • Uploading Email Addresses into the Group Manager

    Uploading a list of email addresses in the Group Manager

  • Email+: New 2-Column Option Explained [3:52]

    This video shows an overview of some new options when creating a new email in Email+.

  • Email+ Reports and Terms

    These are the reports and common terms used in Email+.

  • Enhancements to Forms and Surveys

    Web Services will be adding multiple enhancements to Forms and Surveys in the coming months. We are providing the list in the hopes that users send us additional enhancements to add to the tools.

  • Adding photos to your Campus Directory Profile

    The Campus Directory now supports three types of image uploads.  Once an image is uploaded into the Campus Directory it can be rotated (if necessary) and cropped to the exact sizes that are required.  Images may be added from phones, iPads, desktop computers, and other devices. 

  • Email+ Opt Out [3:38]

    Webtools Opt Out allows users to "opt out" of a particular mailing without removing them from your Email Distribution List.

  • Email+ Demo [1:05:56]

    Craft Emails that work beautifully across all major email clients and devices, monitor your success and more.

  • Request Shared or Sponsored Access

    In order for students, shared logins or outside people to gain access to Webtools please fill out the below web form.  If you are wanting access to be given to someone outside the University of Illinois then you will need to first ask your local IT department to set up a Net ID for the individual.

    Only Deans, Department Heads or CCOs can fill out the below form.  Access is automatically revoked after one year.

  • Sending Blog Posts with Email+

    It's easy to export blog articles and summaries in order to distribute your content with Email+.

  • Profile Export from the Campus Directory

    Profiles entered into the Profile Editor for staff and faculty can now be exported for consumption into your dynamic web sites.  How this process works:

  • Uploading Emails from a Spreadsheet [1:53]

    This short clip shows how to upload a spreadsheet of email addresses to the Group Manager

  • Uploading Emails with Data [5:07]

    This video shows how to upload a spreadsheet of email addresses with data to the Group Manager.

  • Calendar - Scema 1.1

    What is the schema for the Calendar XML data?

    The schema for the Calendar XML data is below.  All instructions regarding the schema are in the schema as comments.

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  • Group Manager Demo [24:34]

    View a complete demo of the Group Manager and see some new upload features.

  • Calendar - XML Searching

    How do you do specific searching?

    Using the "search" tab from the public calendar web interface you will notice that there are many web parameters used when searching.

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