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  • NILOA Launches Their Revamped Website

    The National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) which is co-affiliated with the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and at Indiana University officially launched its new website! We invite you to peruse the new website and browse through the freely-available resources.

  • Campus Is Going Smoke & Tobacco Free Beginning August 26

    Starting the first day of instruction for the fall semester, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus will be smoke & tobacco free. The new effort builds upon the smoke-free policy that was successfully implemented in 2014, banning the use of all smoke-producing tobacco products on campus.

  • Seven Colleges & Universities Named as 2019 Excellence in Assessment Designees

    The Excellence in Assessment (EIA) Designation—the first national initiative of its kind—recognizes colleges and universities that successfully integrate assessment practices across the institution, provide evidence of student learning outcomes to stakeholders, and utilize assessment results to guide institutional decision-making and improve student performance. Seven new institutions have joined three prior classes for a grand total of 23 designees to date.

  • Dr. Kiel Christianson and Dr. Yoon Pak to Lead EPSY and EPOL Departments

    Dr. Kiel Christianson has been appointed as Chair of the Educational Psychology department, and Dr. Yoon Pak has accepted the College's offer of Head of the Education Policy, Organization and Leadership (EPOL) department.

  • EPOL Assistant Professor Nathan Castillo Recognized For Recent Publication

    Assistant Professor in Education Policy, Organization and Leadership, Nathan Castillo's recent publication was named SpringerLink Editor's Monthly Choice.

    Castillo's paper—Early-grade reading support in rural South Africa: A language-centered technology approach—describes a short-term study conducted in low-performing rural primary schools in South Africa.

    For the month of August you can download Castillo's paper on SpringerLink for free. 

  • New Video Featuring the College of Education's IDEALL Facility

    The College of Education's Illinois Digital Ecologies and Learning Laboratory (IDEALL) is an innovative, one of a kind facility for learning with emerging technologies.

    Watch the new video showcasing the IDEALL facility's features here.

  • Illini Fest Paints Chicago Orange and Blue

    Illini friends and family packed the Park Grill Plaza in Millennium Park on the afternoon of July 18 for the first-ever Illini Fest event. University units and colleges had their orange and blue on display for hundreds of Chicagoans passing by the Bean, including Illinois alumni, current students, and even future Illini.

  • Health Equity Scholars Poster Session and Celebration Luncheon

    The Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute (IHSI) and the College of Education invite you to the Health Equity Scholars Poster Session and Celebration Luncheon on Wednesday, Aug. 7, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., at the Beckman Institute.

  • Fall 2019 EPS 421 (HDFS 424 & AFRO 421): Families Foundations Course, Professor: Dr. Bernice M. Barnett (

    Fall 2019 EPS 421 (HDFS 424 & AFRO 421)  Families Social Foundations Course

    EPS 421 (HDFS 424 & AFRO 421) Racial & Ethnic Families Diversity, Tuesday,10-11:50 a.m., Education Building, Room 323

    Professor: Dr. Bernice M. Barnett (

    EPS 421 crn#54748: 4-Hours Graduate section A

    EPS 421 crn#64988: 3-Hours Undergraduate section B

    HDFS 424  crn#54750: 4-Hours Graduate section A

    HDFS 421 crn#64992: 3-Hours Undergraduate section B

    AFR0 421 crn# 54751:  4-Hours Graduate section A

    AFRO 421 crn# 64991:  3-Hours Undergraduate section B

    Description: EPS 421 (HDFS 424 and AFRO 421) is a sociological examination of racial and ethnic families across and within racial and ethnic groups in the U.S. and the basis of family diversity in various regions of the world. One of the highlights of this course is a focus on sociologist Gerhard Lenski's "The  Religious Factor" in ethnic diversity.  Topics will include: (1.) sociological theories, research, methods, concepts, issues, and debates related to race, gender, class+ diversity among families; (2.) the impact of changing racial and ethnic group populations in the U.S. and education, especially the education of children from ethnic minority and immigrant families; (3) the significance of diverse religious beliefs, practices, and customs among ethnic families; and (4.) religion as a basis of family ethnic cultural diversity, competition, and conflict in the U.S. and the world.

  • Fall 2019 EPS 420: Social Foundations Course for Masters and LES Students

    EPS 420 Sociology of Education, Tuesday, 3:00 to 4:50pm, Room 323 Educ Bldg

    CRN # 337154: 4-Hrs  for Graduate Students 

    CRN # 64995:  3-Hrs for Undergraduate Students 

    Professor: Bernice McNair Barnett (

    Description: EPS 420 Sociology of Education is a sociological examination of education and schooling in society. It can be used to fulfill the EPOL social foundations requirement for Master’s students and advanced hours for Learning and Education Studies (LES) majors. Students will: (1.) learn about how major sociological theories/theorists view and explain education and its relationship to society; (2.) become familiar with sociological concepts, assumptions, questions, research, methods, issues, and debates related to education/schooling in various school and societal contexts; (3.) analyze race/gender/class+ diversity in education and society, including experiences, representations, opportunities, and challenges of students, teachers, and administrators in various school settings and eras; and (4.) assess the educational impact and legacies of teacher and student-led movements in education and society, such as the student free speech,  African American, Mexican American, Asian American, Native American, women/feminist, anti-war,  special education, disability, LGBTQ+, anti-poverty, language minority, immigrant, and migrant farm worker rights movements.

  • O'Leary Learning Center: Progress from Floor to Ceiling

    Construction is nearly completed on the O’Leary Learning Center, a sophisticated 4,400 square foot laboratory space in the College of Education. It is designed to advance research and teaching through enhanced collaboration of interdisciplinary research projects, provide improved online learning spaces, and enrich STEM instruction.

  • Exploring Education Summer Camp

    High school students from around the state of Illinois joined us for the first session of Exploring Education Summer Camp in June. Campers spent a week living in dorms, visiting the University Primary School, touring the IDEALL lab, conquering an escape room, meeting fellow future Illini, and more.

    The second session of camp will begin this Sunday, July 14. We can't wait to meet the new campers!

  • Announcement of Faculty Promotions

    College of Education Dean announces the promotion of nine faculty members.

  • First Big Ten Summit Convenes Associate Deans for Research in Education

    Gabrielle Allen, associate dean for research and research education in the College of Education, was part of a first-ever summit aimed at taking research collaboration to a new level among similar colleges in the Big Ten Academic Alliance.

  • REMINDER for Faculty: Update Your Research Summary by July 12

    Sharing the impact of your work inspires prospective students, potential research partners, granting organizations, and donors. Please update our Communications Office with your latest research and achievements. This includes anything you can update in Activity Insight within your research summary, any co-authoring or authoring of books, book chapters, papers, and journal articles.